It's Souper

My story is that of many others.. People have been reaching out to me asking how I did it!.. How I started my own line It's Souper.. The journey ahead is long and narrow but I'm glad that it's not as dim because of the team I have working with me and hopefully with the launch of the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce (CBCC). Many products are launched annually in the Canadian Food and Beverage industry but a tiny percentage is Black Owned.. This is an alarming gap for a community that thrives on sharing love through Food.. We need to ask 'why?' So we can fix this issue.. One of my 'why's' was access to Mentorship and Guidance..The importance of having a mentor cannot be overstated. If I didn't have John Hale on my side almost believing in me more than I did myself I probably won't be here today. We need more people of color playing these roles. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be the voice of Black Entrepreneurs especially Women in Canada. The CBCC and it's programs are very much needed.

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