Product Development & Culinary Science


The Team have developed many new and innovative new products for companies large and small.

The team consists of 4 experienced developers with a wide range of skills from dealing with single ingredient items, through commodities to multimillion dollar products and world class Michelin star restaurants.


Our list of achievements includes:


  • Redeveloping and rebranding a whole range of 3000 private label products

  • Sial Gold Award winners

  • Gold award winners in the World Meat Olympics for sausage development

  • Canadian Grand Prix winning products



Our approach is to give you a value for money experience which is second to none, and improve your product in terms of quality and profitability for your company. Compared to the improvement in sales, the cost of development will be insignificant for you, yet you will reap the rewards of working with Hale Food for years to come. We build trust and partnerships with our clients in the knowledge that if their development needs increase the first people they will turn to will be Hale Food.