John Placko


Australian born chef John Placko is a classically trained chef, with a career that spans numerous areas of the industry from executive chef to culinary director in restaurants, hotels, airline catering, multi-unit chain restaurants and large multinational food manufacturers in Australia, Canada and Mexico.


John has competed at the world's most prestigious culinary competition, the Bocuse d'Or in France and earned multiple gold medals at culinary competitions including the Culinary Olympics in Germany.


Today he’s well known throughout Canada for his molecular cuisine, where science meets culinary arts.


John teaches molecular cuisine part-time at Humber College and through his Modern Culinary Academy he also teaches some of Canada's top professional chefs about this new avant-garde cuisine.


John has been invited onto numerous TV shows to show the magic of molecular cuisine like CBC's Steven and Chris Show, Canada AM, The Social on CTV, The Space Channel, etc


John also has a website for modernist books, equipment and ingredients


John will be opening a molecular cuisine restaurant for the HMS Host organization at Pearson Airport in late 2014. He'll create a dining experience for travelers featuring recognizable food with a twist of modern molecular cuisine that incorporates new techniques, flair and creativity.