Customer Panel Terms & Conditions



  • There is no guarantee that there will be space for you in any given piece of research, or that you will always qualify to participate in any given research.

  • All research conducted will be done:

    • In a safe working environment

    • Using certified food handlers (if food is to be sampled)

  • Not all research studies will be compensated. You have the option whether or not you would like to participate in uncompensated research.

  • Your personal contact information will never be shared with a third party.

  • Your personal contact information will only be used to invite you to participate in research.

  • Hale Food reserves the right to deny registration, participation and/or compensation to anyone for any reason that we feel may disrupt, threaten or compromise the integrity of the research or our obligations to our clients and other customer panelists. Hale Food is not under obligation to inform you if your registration is removed.

  • Customer panelists must be 19 or more years of age.



If you have any questions regarding the Customer Panel please contact us.